Project Summary


Franklin Wellness Center


Franklin General Hospital


Hampton, Iowa

Project Delivery

Design-Build with Bergland & Cram

Construction Dates

October 2004 - December 2005


27,650 SF

Franklin Wellness Center Hampton, Iowa

New wellness facility including basketball courts, two indoor pools, elevated track and fitness room.

The purpose of the Franklin Wellness Center is to “provide people of all ages a future that includes a healthy lifestyle, family fun, and a positive outlook that comes with a successful community effort.” The facility achieves that through its varied offerings, including a lap pool, physical therapy pool, large gym, multi-purpose room for exercise classes, elevated running track and elevated cardio/strength area.

Dean Snyder Construction collaborated with Franklin General Hospital (FGH) and Bergland and Cram Architects during initial design meetings to create a financially feasible design. Our design modifications saved FGH thousands of dollars up front. The final product precast wall panels with conventional steel roof framing and rubber roofing. In addition, DSC Healthcare Division coordinated with FGH on the therapy pool design to allow for reimbursement from the state.