Project Summary


Grain Millers Facility Expansion - Multiple Projects


St. Ansgar, Iowa

Project Delivery

Construction Management at Risk

Construction Dates

2008 - 2013

Grain Millers St. Ansgar, Iowa

Multiple projects for the leading manufacturer of conventional and organic whole grain ingredients.

The 112,000 SF warehouse was built in two phases to accommodate use of the old office during construction. During phase one, 83,000 SF of the new warehouse, complete with temporary walls, was built in a L-shape around the old office. Once the new office could be occupied and the old office removed, phase two began and the remaining 29,000 SF of warehouse was filled in, utilizing air-tight barriers to ensure food safety.

The multi-purpose SRS and Employee Services Building keeps the behind-the-scenes functions running smoothly. In addition to housing the shop, receiving, and storage (S-R-S) areas, the 18,000 SF building also serves as an employee break area, complete with locker rooms.

At the entrance to the Grain Millers grain processing site in St. Ansgar, Iowa, semi drivers are greeted by a new scale and 6,900 SF Food Security Building. In-bound drivers weigh their load on the scale as a probe takes a sample to ensure grain quality. The Food Security Building has two bays for semi and trailer inspection to ensure that they are of quality to carry food-grade product.

The exterior of each building (except the office) consists of white precast concrete panels placed by crane and has a fully-adhered Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) insulated roof system.

In addition to those buildings, DSC was general contractor on several smaller projects. DSC built a Primary Metering Building and then routed new underground primary power and utilities to all the new and existing plant structures. In addition, a new fire protection pump and storage tank was placed to service the sprinkler system in the warehouse.