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Sacred Heart Catholic Church Renovation


This spring DSC was awarded the contract for Construction Manager of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church construction project in Osage, Iowa. Broken into two phases, crews are currently working on remodeling a previous gym into a fellowship hall. The Sacred Heart School, just south of the church, was closed in 2012 due to a decline in students and had a gym attached. Once remodeled, the new 7,000 SF fellowship hall will also have a kitchen, restrooms, a mezzanine for mechanical storage, and a storage room.

Phase 2 of the project was recently approved and includes demolishing and rebuilding the church. With several steps located at the entry and throughout the church, it is not handicap accessible. Crews will work to save the stained glass windows, crosses at the top, and kitchen items. The last service for the church will be held on August 13, and demolition will begin once all salvageable items have been removed. Services will be temporarily moved to another town, and then into the fellowship hall when near completion.

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