Our Company


Dean Snyder Construction believes that a safe work environment is essential to the success of a project and to that end, actively promotes training for all employees. Our employees are required to participate in OSHA 10-hour training as well as periodic company-wide seminars. They also attend weekly safety discussions on the job sites. In situations where our customer’s employees are present, we take extra efforts through safety controls and good communication practices to ensure that these employees are able to continue to do their jobs while we work around them.  

Dean Snyder Construction relies on an established safety program which includes:

    • Full-time field safety coordinator
    • Responsible hiring practices (drug screening, background checks)
    • Experienced superintendents with responsibility for job site safety
    • Required use of personal protective equipment
    • Tools and equipment that are well maintained and appropriate for the task
    • Management support and emphasis on accident prevention and safe work practices 

We work closely with our insurance company and our association with Master Builders of Iowa to implement proper procedures and encourage compliance through random safety audits on our job sites. Our Safety Incentive Program rewards our workers for consistently performing various safety activities and exhibiting awareness at all times.

Our safety program exceeds all state and federal requirements. We have an excellent safety record, and we continually make improvements where needed so our employees have the safest possible working environment.